Spring as an important role in industrial system

As an important component in the industrial system, spring has a large amount of use, and there are many kinds of springs. Therefore, the production of spring has original manual production, and gradually moves towards automation. Ninety years ago in Chin
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Function application of special-shaped tension spring

In mechanical products, special-shaped tension springs are widely used. There are many kinds of special-shaped springs with different shapes, sizes and sizes. The special-shaped tension spring is made of steel wire. Its shape is suitable for various types
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Main types of belleville springs

(1) Ordinary dish spring, trapezoidal section dish spring, conical trapezoidal section. Belleville spring: The shape and butterfly spring have simple structure and are widely used. It can be used as a single, combined, combined or composite disc spring se
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How to deform and assemble the conical spring

The deformation of the conical spring is not equal compression of the pitch of the large and small ends. Because the small end spring is rigid and the large end spring is rigid, the deformation of the large conical spring end is larger than the small end.
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What are the performance requirements for leaf springs?

Leaf springs work under cyclic bending, torsion and other alternating stresses, and withstand multiple effects of sealing ring springs such as tension, compression, torsion, extrusion, fatigue, corrosion, and sometimes also bear extremely high short-term
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What is stress relaxation of spring? How to improve the relaxation resistance of spring steel?

Under the condition of constant strain, the stress of spring or elastic element decreases with the extension of time tower spring. This phenomenon is called stress relaxation. To improve the anti-relaxation ability of the spring, it is necessary to improv
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